21. An ordinary day and an extraordinary keyboard.

Today is just one of those days where I really have nothing interesting to write about. It was normal, uneventful and I love it that way. The most exciting thing is probably the new portable folding keyboard I had delivered today. It’s about as long as an iPhone and not much wider when folded and can be paired with up to three devices. I mainly got it to use with my iPad for quick I bought a new hight adjustable stand for. The whole set up now looks like a tiny iMac. The keyboard also has a built-in trackpad. I can now fold everything and pack lightly. For even more portability, I can pack only my new keyboard since I can also use it with my phone. There are so many people that use their phone to reply to emails, but not me. 80-year-old me (at least I feel that way in these cases) prefers a full physical keyboard. Now I can reply to everything to my heart’s content without having to suffer through the software keyboard.

So there you go. I’ve typed this all using my new keyboard. I should probably take a picture, but it’s late and I don’t want to turn the lights on.