8. Bacchanal in Las Vegas

The pandemic has in as sense gotten a bit worse. The number of cases has skyrocketed, but the silver lining is the vaccines and the less sever Omicron. Although sometimes I feel that all of this can be false hope as the available information is always changing. So with this in mind, we braved a day trip to Las Vegas to eat at a buffet.

I remember I used to hate the drive to Las Vegas when I was little because it was such a boring landscape especially at night. Then as I became older I learned to appreciate the desert landscape. The huge mostly virgin expanses during the day and the beautiful abyss during the night with a blanket of stars above.

We stopped at this rest stop to take advantage of the free charging and of course to use the restrooms. I love this rest stop because there is nothing else around it in the desert except for the road.

And finally we made it to the buffet, Bacchanal, at Caesar’s palace. The price for the buffet is a little pricey, but well worth it if you eat a lot of the awesome food it has to offer. To get our money’s worth, we had a very light breakfast and fasted for the rest of the day to make sure we arrived HUNGRY.