1. Happy New Year

Well, let this be the first picture of the year while I decide about whether I do a daily thing. We’ve had quite the stormy weather these last couple of weeks and today was the first time I had a chance to see the mountains. They seem far in the picture, but they’re actually quite close. Boy did they look beautiful today! It stopped raining a couple of days ago, but the mountains have been hiding behind the clouds until today.

It’s the first day of 2022 and the rate of COVID-19 infections is far worse than it has ever been. We rang it 2020 with no idea of what was in store. We rang in 2021 thinking if could not be any worse than 2020. And now we’re at 2022 that is starting far worse pandemic-wise. This time, however, there is hope. There are tons of people vaccinated and at least here in California mask-wearing continues to be widespread.

I chose this picture after deciding against another one that was a little more personal to me. However, this picture turned out to be a good fit for today. I was having a pleasant walk while admiring the mountains. There was a tumbleweed obstructing my path, but it didn’t take away anything from my view of the mountains or the pleasantness of my walk. It is a good metaphor to how my day went: an small obstacle in my path that couldn’t take anything away from all the good things in my life.