New Cookbook

I got a new cookbook for Christmas from my Sister. It is Pati Jinich’s Treasures of the Mexican Table. I’ve been obsessed with this chef ever since I stumbled upon her cooking show. I love her show because she takes the time to describe the history behind each dish that she prepares and will also go to the places that are known for that particular dish. It’s a nice dose of delicious food and culture.

Calabacitas de Tapachula – My version looks quite a bit less appetizing than the one pictured in the cookbook, but I assure you it was quite delicious. I’m not one to usually go for an all veggie dish, but this seemed healthy and loved every step of the process. From roasting the Chiles Poblanos for the sauce to removing the leaves from a corn to shave off the kernels. The added treat was the cubes of Queso Panela.

Sopa de lima – This was the first dish we tried from the cookbook and it was absolutely delicious! The soup was very flavorful and it came out looking pretty close to the picture. The only thing different I would do next time is not leave the lime slices for garnish in the soup for too long. The lime skins added bitterness to the soup as they stayed in the broth.