I’ve been lazy about writing. Truth be told, I’ve felt lazy about everything lately. I need to focus on eliminating unnecessary distractions from my life. Historically, social media has been a huge time suck for me but I’ve been mostly good about staying off of it these last few years. Occasionally, however, I stray. So at the moment I deleted all the social media apps from my phone. But let me know waste anymore time talking about wasting time.

What are the positive things I am doing with my life right now?

  • I have been focusing on my health a lot more lately:
    • Eating habits: I am trying to eliminate sugary drinks from my diet almost entirely. This is the easiest way to have hundreds if not thousands of calories sneak into your day.
    • Physical activity: I am constantly on the lookout for ways to squeeze in a few extra steps or a quick exercise throughout the day. I have not found the motivation to workout for an hour at a specific time, so I am using the strategy of The Compound Effect. It’s a book about how the effect of small meaningful actions can add up to big results over time.
  • I’ve been listening to audiobooks during my commute so I’m not just wasting my time sitting in traffic.
  • I made small donations to both the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Opera. In the personal finance books I read, I keep coming across the importance of giving back. I’ve been fortunate during this pandemic to have kept my job. So it’s only fair that “I play my part” (as the LA Phil likes to say) and provide my support for two organizations that I love and that have struggled through this pandemic.

I have more to say, of course, but my eye lids are starting to close…