On Me

Fail and try again…

There are times or circumstances where I feel that I am being tested. It’s hard to notice in the moment, but easy to see in retrospect. I think today I encountered another one of those situations and I failed. I am keeping this intentionally vague because it is a personal journey. There were many good things today and I could focus on this one thing an let it cloud the rest of the day. Instead I am acknowledging the failure and realize that I failed not because I am not good enough, but because I am not yet ready. I believe that too often we expect perfection of ourselves and carry our failures with us for far too long. Our lives are a journey of learning. It’s okay to strive for perfection, but we must realize that we are not there yet. We must recognize too that the road to perfection is paved with mistakes and failures. So lay those bricks or cobblestones down and continue forward.

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