Time to write again

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. Nearly a month! I don’t think I’ve gone this long without writing on here in well over a year and the interesting thing is that I felt perfectly fine not writing. I think a lot of it has to do with the move into the new house and the sale of the old one. So it has been a busy few weeks to say the least. The interesting thing is that I didn’t miss writing on here for the most part. Up until today.

I wrote the above about a week ago and again abandoned my little writings. I think it has partly to do with the fact that my routines have been changing. In the course of the last couple of months I moved to a new house, started going into the office a few days out of the week, and things have started to open up once again.

In the beginning of the pandemic, I wondered what it would be like once things were able to return to normal. As everyone know, this has been a very slow return to normal. It reminds me of a wildfire. You see smoke in the distance and before you know it the flames are racing toward you and everything goes up in flames. You look at the charred landscape as if it will forever remain that way and the world as it once was exists only in your mind. Then the wildlife slowly begins to return as seedlings everywhere begin to emerge from the ashes. Eventually it all starts to look lush again. Not exactly as before, but it’s getting there.

It’s strange to go to the LA Philharmonic or the LA Opera and be wearing a mask the entire time, but it’s refreshing to be able to experience the music once again. Our world continues to be ill, but it is on the mend.