Autumn is in the air

This past weekend was far calmer than the last few due to all of the moving and getting the house up for sale. So it seemed almost poetic to see the season change so abruptly over the course of a few days. We went from having some crazy hot weather to overcast days and chilly nights. We are finally entering my favorite time of the year.

I enjoyed a quiet dinner at Nano’s Café in Sierra Madre in a big outdoor tent. It seems everyone prefers to dine either inside or in the patio facing the street out front, but for us it was perfect to be sitting in the quiet solitude of the back tent. The evenings are certainly starting to darken earlier. I love it when you have yellowish lights contrast agains the cool grays and blues of a cloudy evening. It sort of reminds me of the huge extended family get-togethers we used to go to many years ago. It also brings back memories of night markets in other countries, or the kermés my elementary school parish would have at least once a year.

We tried a new farmers’ market in Claremont, which is closer to our new home. Even though there are less organic options at this farmers’ market, I much prefer it because this street has a small town feel and it was so beautiful to be walking under the canopies of trees on this overcast morning. I love living so close to the mountains now. I love all of the foothill communities! I grew up seeing these mountains all of the time which is why I probably find them so comforting. Now that we’ve been going to farmers’ markets for almost a year now, I’ve come to really enjoy seeing the seasonal changes of the fruits and vegetables that are sold.

There wasn’t much sun the entire weekend and I am perfectly fine with that. The seasonal changes in LA are subtle, but they do exist; and this weekend definitely felt like Autumn. The leaves here don’t start to change until late fall and there aren’t too many deciduous trees here since they are not native. So the only Autumn leaves I’ll see for the time being are the decorative stickers on my Happy Planners.