Guilt and body image issues.

My planned walks early in the mornings Monday through Wednesday did not happen this week. Moving over the weekend left me exhausted and there is still so much to do in the house to get things where they should be. I feel guilty, because I know that where there is a will there is a way and frankly my willpower wasn’t strong enough to overcome excuses that may come my way.

I came into the office today so I’m wearing dress shirt that is such a huge distraction because it doesn’t fit well and all I can think of is how large my belly has gotten. The positive side is that I probably won’t be as inclined to eat anything too heavy. I really just need to take a walk this evening around the new neighborhood. I can’t just make plans and put them off for another day.

Speaking of the office, I saw a coworker this morning that I had not seen in person since the start of the pandemic. Despite the mask, I could tell she was smiling from ear to ear just as I was. She said “oh I don’t care, I’m giving you a hug,” and gave me a nice big hug. It was a nice antidote to my negative body image thoughts.