First night in the new home

I’m now typing this from my new home. I really like the new neighborhood and the brand new house.

However, it feels strange. I think of my nightly routines and the spots around the house where I would like to sit or lie down. It was just a night ago, and already it feels like an eternity. I am the sentimental type and I feel like I left a little part of me in that house. The old place will hopefully sell soon, but in the meantime most of the rooms are dark when they would have had light. The lights in the stairs and in the hallway are still still doing their normal routine of varying brightness and color temperature to mimic the daylight outside as I programmed them to.

I often imagine a soundtrack accompanying things that are going on in my life and tonight I am listening to John Adams’ Harmonielehre. I often think of this song when I look at large urban areas at night. It’s very unique: at times it can be suspenseful, frightening, depressing, uplifting, and other emotions I can’t quite put into words. I feel as if I’m soaring and as I look at the modern city below I feel incredibly small.

I don’t know why I’m writing about all of this just to tell you that I am now spending the first night in this new home. I guess my feelings at the moment are about as complex as those in Harmonielehre. But I’m happy to be here at last and looking foward to a new adventure.