I’m planning for a healthier lifestyle

Over the past several years, I have made many failed attempts to get myself running again. I’m going to start another attempt next week. The different things about this attempt is that I signed myself up for a half-marathon that is taking place on January 1, 2022. The plan is to start next week once I’m in my new home as there will be no time the rest of this week or the weekend to get a run in. Who am I kidding? There will be no time to get a WALK in. So my walks on my way to running again, will start next week.

I am excited for the move because it will be a safer neighborhood with lots of long paths on which to walk that are away from traffic. I had initially been excited about a bike path I live near now, but it is sandwiched between a transit line and a fairly busy road that crosses very busy roads. I liked the path, but I hated the noise of all the cars and constantly waiting for the lights to turn green. The new neighborhood also feels a lot safer so I will feel more comfortable running after dark.

Making everything work will put my time management skills to the test! These last few days, my time management hasn’t been quite up to par, but I blame it on being so exhausted. I’ve been routinely going to bed at 1am for the past several months, so it has been quite a statement that I’m falling asleep at 11pm either in front of the TV or at my computer.

I will need to adopt a completely new schedule. I will need to wake up at 5:30am to get ready for work and beat some of the traffic on the days I go into the office. I don’t need to go in every day, but it’s always best to keep the same schedule everyday. I don’t want to get stuck in a pattern of being miserable on days I have to go into the office, and then waste my morning away on days when I work from home. I’ve already written a basic schedule on one of my planners. I’ve been constantly adjusting how I use my planners as I find new methods that work best for me. If all goes well, I will make make my spiral planner the one to keep track of my health (food, workouts, etc…)

I will now stop writing here, because I have said enough and it’s now time to tackle other tasks. There is no better way to get me in a productive mood, than making or talking about future plans.