YouTube Channel: Sorekara Melancholy

Given my propensity for regarding art and entertainment as mutually exclusive, I didn’t imagine myself describing a YouTuber as an artist since much of the original content on there is plain entertainment with the objective of striking it lucky with the algorithms to chase the ad dollars better. It seems I may be slightly opinionated on the subject.

I stumbled upon a YouTube channel by the name of Sorekara Melancholy. I loved these videos from the first few seconds of watching my first one. They are beautiful and serene. You never see this man’s face, but somehow this makes it all the more intimate. I feel as if I’ve found my soul’s twin as he explores my favorite country by himself most of the time. He explores all of these lovely places armed with his camera and always carrying a backpack. By far, the best travel experiences for me have been those when I’m exploring a new place entirely by myself. It’s strange because by removing yourself from society, you find yourself connecting with it and nature on a more spiritual level. I can’t describe it in words. Only people who have experienced this themselves will understand. I feel nostalgic watching these videos and hope to soon be able to go on another solitary adventure.

I should write about these videos more at length, but today time is not on my side.