Hollywood Bowl Broadcast: Musicals and the movies.

I poured myself a glass of a 2020 Justin Sauvignon Blanc to watch tonight’s broadcast of past Hollywood Bowl performances. The theme for the night was musicals and movies. Despite not being the biggest fan of musicals, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s show, including Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Kristin Chenowith.

Several years ago, Brian Stokes Mitchell would stir up some unhappy memories of a certain persona non grata. I couldn’t remember this singer’s name for the life of me. As if I developed a mental block. Tonight, I genuinely enjoyed his music and was utterly indifferent to any past memories. The singer that stole the show in tonight’s broadcast was Audra McDonald. What a magnificent voice and incomparable talent! The two songs that stuck deep and got me emotional were “Smile” and “Make Someone Happy.” Both of those songs have been among my favorites for many years.

I am so grateful for these broadcasts as they have let my mom and me get a little dose of performances during the pandemic. In just a little over two weeks, we will be back at the Hollywood Bowl after almost two years since we’ve been there and our first live performance in nearly 18 months. I can hardly wait.

As to the wine…it was wonderful and tasted amazing after having some peaches and a plum. I wasn’t planning on having the fruits, but I didn’t want to let the fruits go to waste and I wanted to get those extra nutrients. I was afraid the sweetness of the fruits would make the wine taste dry, but it actually pared rather well!