A relaxing Fourth of July

I had plans of writing something insightful or introspective on the founding of this country, but instead, I just relaxed and enjoyed this beautiful summer day by having lunch at a park in Agoura Hills and then dinner in Malibu. I figured I should also post some pictures of one of the roads to Malibu because it is a beautiful drive. I was reminded of a game many years ago where people had to guess which of my statements was a lie, and one of the players thought that I was lying when I said I lived on a hill because Los Angeles is flat. Well, it turns out that we’re surrounded by mountains, and there are many large hills right in the middle of the city. The coastal mountains and hills make for some spectacular views. Once we arrived at Malibu Seafood, we found a table just across PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) where we could watch and listen to the crashing waves as the chilly ocean breeze was moving inland.