Embarking on an 18-month adventure

Today is July 1st and the official start of my new 18-month planners. I now have a budget planner, a monthly planner, a chore/home planner, a blank planner, and a planner to rule them all.

I originally intended my blank planner to be used for work, but I will instead use it as a personal planner. I want it to be only for things and topics I am interested including reading, music, performances, and, dare I say, writing. I’ve talked about being more intentional with my writing, and I will use this post to kick off 18 months of writing. Every day? I hope so!

I’ve enjoyed working on my planners Sunday evenings to plan for the week ahead. I want my personal planner to be my map to new adventures, whether they be traveling or through literature and music. I spent a year completing a 365 writing challenge wondering each night almost invariably on what I wanted to write about. So instead, I am going to preplan my topics for the week each Sunday evening.