Staying on track with house chores

I don’t dislike doing house chores, but I hate doing them at this very instant. Chores are essential and need to be done regularly, but just not now. That is my default mindset. That is why experts recommend that you write tasks and goals down. I have written things down in so many different ways and apps, and it just hasn’t been helpful for me because I never go back to look at my lists. This is why I’ve been thrilled and hooked on writing things down in a planner that you decorate with stickers and colored pens. It may be too girly for 99.9% of men out there, but it has been a joy for me. I want to look at my planners constantly throughout the day, which has kept me on track to accomplish the day-to-day tasks that need to be done.

I am again delaying pivoting my blog to something more fun and valuable for others to read. At this moment in time, I need this blog to be a journal where I can express the random thoughts that occupy my mind.