8th-Grade Graduation

Today was my nephew’s 8th-grade graduation. If there is one thing I am grateful about this pandemic is that it has taught me to appreciate family time much more. I treasure it now much more than I ever did before. It also makes me realize just how quickly time progresses. We were celebrating at the same hall that 12 years ago was used to celebrate my undergrad graduation. It seems like not too long ago, and yet so much has happened since then. I have fallen out of the habit of using my DLSR camera that I used to take with me everywhere. It brought me joy using it today, and I imported the photos to my computer and posted them for the rest of the family to enjoy the same day. I have historically tended to want to edit all the pictures before sharing them. So often, I would end up never sharing them. Anyway, I am very proud of my nephew, and I can hardly believe that he will soon be a high school student.