My new obsession with planners.

I’ve been missing in action over these last many days because I have taken a dive into the deep end of the world of planners. Who knew planning could be so much fun?

I talked in my previous post about how I got sucked into it, but now I am a few planners into this hobby. I have never looked at my finances, calendars, or to-do lists in this much detail before. One thing you should know: I have many of the ADHD symptoms (not all) and even sought medical consultation for it. They didn’t prescribe any medications because they wanted me to try different strategies to cope with these symptoms. One of these strategies was to keep a journal, which is why I’ve found this blog over the years to be therapeutic for me. Now to bring this all back to my newly found planner hobby: planning is turning out to be an excellent way for me to sort of journal and a great way of making the near future much more predictable and organized.

I have noted in my planner that I need to make it a point to write every day and read more. So having written something, I will no leave you for some reading before I fall asleep.