Budget planner

I’ve been neglecting my writing duties because I’ve stumbled upon the wonderful world of planners! I bought this budget planner because I get a little frustrated opening up multiple website to see my finances, and then reconciling them with a simple mental note that I soon forget. I’ve tried making spreadsheets, but when you spend all day looking at spreadsheets, the last thing you feel like doing is another spreadsheet for your personal life.

So I thought I’d give this planning thing a try and boy did I went tumbling down that rabbit hole. After reading the reviews, I started watching YouTube videos on planners. Seeing all the designs, methods, and stickers got my full attention. It turns out my sister had been a big fan of all these planners and she gifted me with a bunch of things to launch my newfound hobby. I had heard her talk about this for years, but apparently I did not pay too much attention.

So I’m hoping with a few separate planners, I can start organizing different areas of my life a little better (including posts for this blog)!

P.S. I’m typing this all on my phone well past midnight, so this post was not reviewed for errors. 🙂