I’m back

I’ve rather enjoyed this one year of writing, and I’m here to sign up for another. Well, this time around, I’m not looking to a specific challenge–at least not at the moment. I do, however, intend on writing every day as much as I can. Even though I do my best to mention too many specifics or anything personal on here, I have found this to serve as a sort of journal. I’ve considered adopting a hybrid between some kind of short form and long form of blogging where I work on writing longer posts that I work on over days while doing tweet-like posts for random things I come across. I was thinking of using Twitter for the micro-blogging, but I was turned off by all of the ads. I want my content to have its own private space.

So here’s to another year! It was far too busy and late to have a celebratory drink, but tomorrow I will pour myself a glass of wine.