365: Day 363 – Hidden gem in the foothills

I found this hidden gem nestled in the foothills where the mountain meets the urban sprawl of the Los Angles region. It’s in the Sierra Madre community at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. I loved seeing all the potted plants and so many flowers. The day was perfect. The marine layer had already dissipated, and we were left with warm sunlight and a cool breeze stirring the leaves of all the trees. We had a late breakfast here, but I did not post any pictures of the food because it was a simple breakfast burrito, and it didn’t photograph well. It was tasty, but nothing extraordinary. The attractiveness of this little café is not so much its food, but mainly its decor, location, and overall friendly and casual atmosphere. The other thing I appreciated about this place is the ladies working in the restaurant. Their lovely smiles, floral dresses, and flowers in their hair completed a charming atmosphere. I will be coming back here and giving the other items on the menu a try.