365: Day 360 – Busy Busy

I’m so close to wrapping up this 365 thing, and I’m failing miserably. I haven’t been delayed in my posts because I’ve lost interest. I’ve been incredibly busy with a few important and lengthy reports due at the beginning of the month. On top of that, this week, we have two internal campaigns going on: one is to prevent falls on our construction sites, and the other is to gauge interest in having staff serve as mentors to college students.

I would be lying if I said I haven’t enjoyed having lots of concurrent projects to be stressing over. I stayed up until close to two in the morning last night finishing a report. I rewarded myself today by buying a second monitor so that I now have to identically sized ones side by side and angled toward me. With the screens off, you might mistake me for a gamer, developer, or designer. The truth is much nerdier: it’s my little spreadsheet heaven!

I will try and finish up my two posts from yesterday and the day before tomorrow because I want to get some reading in right now. 🙂