365: Day 354

I’ve been perusing travel blogs partly to satiate my desire to travel and partly to learn about what makes the good ones great. Many are just a lot of photos or videos sprinkled with brief descriptions and descriptions of the emotions these places evoke. My tendency with these is to look at the pictures and then research the destinations that are elsewhere. The ones that grabbed my attention were those that incorporate some history and then find ways to make the place personal. The pictures didn’t have to be great. I was drawn to the words above all.

Every day I feel increasingly inclined to dedicate some serious time to post about traveling. I am most excited to post about my favorite places, but I think I need to crawl before I run. I need to get in the habit of writing these travel posts and start with the lesser know and lower-profile places. Then as I build my confidence level, I can begin to draft posts for my favorite destinations.