365: Day 353 – Tech temptation

I have been wasting a lot of time lately looking at computers and accessories. I look at the MacBook Airs and try to convince myself that it’s just what I will need once I start traveling again and that it will be the key to becoming a travel blogger. I talk myself out of it by telling myself most of my computing is done at home, and I can hold off on a new laptop. Then I start looking at the newly released iMacs and how cool it would be to have a desktop again. My laptop works just fine, and I know better than to go out and buy a new computer. Perhaps a nice 4K monitor isn’t too much to ask for! Ugh, I’m hopeless! There’s no denying I am addicted to gadgets, but I’m proud of myself for resisting every temptation thus far.

Ultimately I need to remind myself that a good writer needs only a pen and paper. The important thing is just to write and write a lot.