365: Day 349 – Picard

After my nephew got me interested in watching Star Trek Voyager, I became hooked to everything Star Trek. After a long time, I have finally watched every series and every movie up until Picard. I loved Captain Janeway from the Voyager series, but Captain Picard replaced her as my favorite Star Trek character after watching The Next Generation series. He embodies everything I think of in a great leader, and I am envious of his diction. Language is such a beautiful thing. I hope in my old age I will speak with eloquence like Jean Luc Picard or Anthony Hopkins. I realize that what we see on television is carefully scripted and the work of many drafts, but one can always dream.

Picard’s eloquence is not only from his choice of words but from references to great literature, music, and other works of art. The Picard of this new series has obviously aged, and I find that endearing. I admire old age because of all the wisdom that our elders possess. I lament that our society is obsessed with looking young. It’s pretty similar to how we marvel at a bouquet of young roses cut before they bloom. A rose is beautiful at every stage, but it is most beautiful in my opinion when it’s fully opened. It’s almost depressing to see those bouquets of young roses wither before they’ve had the chance to bloom fully.