365: Day 347 – Farewell to Patina, my favorite restaurant

Seeing that things are continuing to reopen slowly and I fell a little bit more comfortable with eating indoors, I began perusing the websites of my favorite restaurants to see when I may start making reservations. I was deeply saddened to learn that my absolute favorite one would not be reopening. The story is similar to others that I loved, but the closing of Patina at Walt Disney Concert Hall was particularly disheartening for me.

Patina was a special place. The food was wonderful, and the experience was extraordinary. I used to say that dining here was like tasting a symphony with each course aking to a movement. It was too expensive to come here too often, but I made it a point always to go when the Los Angeles Philharmonic performed Wagner or a Mahler symphony. I was in a state of ecstasy on those nights. A three-hour dinner starting at 5 pm inside Walt Disney Concert Hall–my favorite building in the world–and then head on over to our seats to enjoy the performance after many courses and just as many perfectly paired wines.

I am curious and optimistic about what new restaurant may move into that space, but I will forever remember the many exquisite dinners I had there, mainly with my mom.