365: Day 344 – Picture in writing

I have always wanted to focus my writing on travel and food. The biggest stumbling block for me is that I cannot separate travel journalism or food reviews without amazing pictures. I think images are essential, but I’m beginning to realize that, more importantly, your writing is the most critical part. A skilled writer should be able to paint a picture in your mind using only words. I look at my past attempts and realize those posts end up being a glorified photoblog. Photos of travels or food are amazing, but only if there is a story to provide a reference point. I look at my pictures, and it brings to mind so many memories and emotions because of the story those pictures call to mind. Suppose all I am doing is providing images with a few short descriptions. In that case, I’d be doing no better than Instagram, Twitter, or any of those social media companies focusing on keeping you scrolling.

Therefore, I will task myself with thinking of creative ways of telling a story without any pictures, and once the context is laid out, I will be able to sprinkle a picture or two to provide a visual aid to my story.