365: Day 340 – How shall I write next?

I’m fast approaching the end of this little project of mine, and I’m not quite sure what direction to take this in. I come to really enjoy this routine of writing every day and I’m inclined to continue to do so. However, I also want to try something new. Perhaps focusing more on quality over quantity by writing weekly posts. If I am to do weekly posts for a year, I must have a subject to focus on and not merely write about the random things I do or may be thinking. I am also considering a hybrid model where I write short daily posts on something like twitter and somehow link it to this site, and leave the more formal posts for once a week. My only hesitation is that I social media for me is a huge temptation that I am trying to be careful to avoid. Social media is designed to keep you scrolling. The more you scroll, the more ads you see. The more ads you see, the more revenue they generate. Perhaps it’ll just be a matter or reconfiguring the layout and design of this website.