365: Day 331 – Focusing on small decisions

I am currently reading a book called Atomic Habits in my eternal quest to become more organized and build better habits. I periodically write about efforts to become healthier and more physically active, and then I suddenly stop writing about it. You can probably guess that I have not kept up with my goals. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m going to forgive myself and not let that derail my long-term plans. Two goals where I’m currently succeeding in are reading more books and writing on here. Neither of these has been perfect, but that is okay. As the saying goes, “done is better than perfect”.

The part of the book that stood out to me today was about the power of making small changes in your daily life. If I want to be at a healthy weight, there is absolutely nothing I can do today that will make that happen overnight, nor will a lousy decision completely erase all progress I have made. I will only achieve a healthy weight after I’ve made countless small decisions that lead me toward my goal. So it’s essential to focus on the trajectory and recognize that we may trip from time to time. We need to keep getting up after every fall and continue on our path. I am guilty of so many times losing track of my goals and then thinking that I am back to square one.