365: Day 330 – Monday, and forgiving yourself

Monday. Many people dread Mondays, and they complain about how the day can drag on. For the most part, I don’t count myself among these people, but today I felt the day drag and wasn’t feeling my most productive. I think it has a lot to do with me going to bed later than I should.

Anyway, I came across some videos featuring a weight-loss surgeon that giving quick tips on eating healthier and eating smarter. What I especially like about all of the advice provided is that it is rooted in science. It feels refreshing when the majority of the weight-loss advice you hear is the latest fad. However, the advice that most struck a chord with me is to learn to forgive yourself. I am guilty of being hard on myself and dwelling too much on failure. The hardest part about this advice is putting it into practice because no matter how much I agree with it, I often find myself focusing on everything I did wrong that led me to this point instead of focusing on what the next step is.