365: Day 328 – Memories in the park

I love it when you stumble upon something completely unexpected. After buying some food from a restaurant to freeze and then reheat in the upcoming week, we saw a sign on a corner advertising local organic strawberries. We stopped and asked the usual questions about the produce and asked if they let people pick their own strawberries. We were buying from a fruit stand, so they said that we should go to the nearby store on the farm where they would let us pick our own. Long story short, we ended up not picking our own because we had just bought some, and the pick-your-own ones are not organic. However, we stumbled upon an adorable farm store (pictured above)

I also wanted to include the below picture because it brought back memories of my sister’s dog, Peetie, who passed away one year and four months ago. We were having our lunch at this park and enjoying the beautiful cool breeze scented by jasmine flowers. My sister used to live a short walking distance when she first got married. We went out for a walk here about fourteen years ago, and Peetie suddenly took off running, and I lost my grip on the leash. The speed of his little legs was incredible. I miss Peetie. I texted my sister the image below to let her know that I was thinking of Peetie.