365: Day 324 – Let’s get to work

Thankfully, I feel I was more productive at work today, but not quite to the level I would like to be. I really think I need to start going to bed earlier and working out regularly. I’ve been neglecting my health lately in terms of physical activity.

I deleted all social media apps from my phone for lent to challenge myself. Today, however, I gave in to temptation and downloaded TikTok. I spent about an hour scrolling through video after video. I came across a lot of funny material that gave me some good laughs. Ultimately though, it added very little value to my day, so I need to atone for my lack of willpower and keep myself away from there for a while longer.

This week will definitely be far busier for me, and I hope to use that to drive me into my high productivity gear for the rest of the week. This time, I am armed with a few tools to boost my productivity. One is that the weather is nice enough where I can work outside for part of the day. I tried it today for about an hour, and the change in scenery and the fresh air helped me focus on a report I was working on. The other tool is a new espresso machine I bought myself. I had a sixteen-year-old machine that my sister gave to me that finally gave up on me and a new machine given to me that seemed never to have worked quite well. So I decided to buy a new one that can make different coffees like cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos with the touch of a button, from producing the espresso to frothing the milk.

Anyway, I’ll end my post here and decide whether I should go to sleep after this or push a little more until 1 a.m. to squeeze in a little bit of extra work.