365: Day 313 – French disappointment

There’s a little French restaurant nearby that we have been curious about and finally decided to give it a try. Even though we are finally allowed to eat inside, we had dinner outside because it is safer. I’ve already got one dose of the Moderna vaccine, and I’m not going to take any unnecessary risks after all this work.

Anyway, the setting was beautiful. The afternoon was lovely until the sun set and quickly started to get chilly. I wanted to love this place. I love French food and wished this was the neighborhood gem waiting to be discovered, but the food was very salty. I expected the food to be very rich in flavor, and I am a person who prefers his food a little on the salty side. These dishes, however, were all beyond even my salt comfort levels. The lobster bisque, the onion soup, and the coq au vin all had good flavors, but the salt just kept overpowering everything.

It was prime time for dinner, and the restaurant sat pretty much empty with nary a single takeout order. I doubt this restaurant can survive much longer without improving its food. It wasn’t terrible, but I’d genuinely be concerned about consuming so much sodium if I return.