365: Day 312 – Ghosts of races past

My intention for today was to not run or walk and instead workout inside to rest my legs. However, the morning was nice and cloudy so I wasn’t going to let a good opportunity go to waste. I went for a shorter route since I needed to be back on my computer fairly soon. A few minutes into it I noticed I was wearing a pair of blue running shorts I found in my drawer that I hadn’t worn in a long time. They were my racing shorts. I pretty much worn these to every race I’ve run. I started to think back on my racing days and I got chills as I was listening to Madama Butterly. I got so wrapped up in my memories that I had a brief panic moment when I realized I wasn’t wearing my hydration pack. It was the weirdest thing and it may even sound a bit ridiculous. I haven’t worn a hydration pack in years and yet in that moment I felt like I was missing something. I will take it as a sign. 🙂