365: Day 311 – Appreciating veggies more

I have always had an interest in cooking, but it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve come to enjoy it and appreciate all of the ingredients that go into my food. I have slowly been getting away from my aversion to vegetables and have started to find them fascinating. Their size, color, texture, and flavor vary based on where they grow and what the weather was like during their growing season. It is all incredibly marvelous when it all comes together on your dinner table. Crafting delicious flavors in your kitchen is only the very end of pretty complex chemistry that has evolved over billions of years and refined by the terrains and climates both near and far.

This morning, I set out to repeat my run/walk pace of a couple of days ago, and I felt great. I ended up running a more considerable portion of my route, and I felt so encouraged and inspired. Today’s music was Madama Butterfly: I was in heaven. I felt like my old self. There was a time when I would look for longer operas because some of my runs lasted longer than some operas. I need to focus on how good I felt to encourage me to keep at it, and one day I know I will be outrunning my beloved operas once more.