365: Day 310 – My mind is on running

With no exciting food or imaginary places, today was quite an ordinary day. Probably the only noteworthy thing is that the temperature was at 37 degrees when I woke up. It’s rare to get that close to freezing and even rarer still during March.

I didn’t exercise today partly because I had a busy day with work and errands and partly because I want to slowly build up my running again. At the time, I was running a lot. I loved being a part of my running group because I built up my speed and endurance alongside other people in the group. After a long time of not running, going back to the group made it all the more demoralizing when the people you know were off to run long distances at a far faster pace. All I was left with were a bunch of beginners I didn’t know. Going on my walks these past few weeks and pushing myself to reintroduce running on my own has felt liberating. I am focusing on the data on spreadsheets and charts like the nerd I like to be. When I refer to data, I mean the whole suite of time, pace, heart rate, weight, oxygen intake, etc. I love numbers because they tell a story, and every time I workout and make food choices, I am writing my story. I’ll share more of these numbers as I collect more data.

The other thing I enjoyed about yesterday’s run is that it all tied back to the beginning when I was that weird guy that loved listening to classical music and operas on his runs.