365: Day 307 – Food from Taiwan and Korea

I didn’t imagine myself being anywhere else today, but I had a great time eating foods from Taiwan and Korea today. Both are places we often frequent where little English is spoken. I included a menu of the Taiwanese place in the pictures above so you can see that menu is all in traditional Chinese. We eat food from here very often, so I rarely take any photos of the food, but I probably should. The only thing I took a picture of today was the fried calamari. The calamari was seasoned very similarly to popcorn chicken (Asian basil and all) and was not overly fried as calamari usually is at other restaurants.

For dinner that evening, we went back to the Korean restaurant that I love and makes me feel like I’m in Korea. We tried a new soup that they recommended. It was a pork neck stew with lots of veggies. It was pretty delicious and reminded me of pozole.