365: Day 306 – Vaccine, part 1

These last few days, I’ve been putting my writing on the back burner to focus on work and reading. It hasn’t been intentionally, but that is the way that is has worked out. Each day, I wrote a little something, but I never got around to finishing it. I keep planning on finishing the posts late at night like I usually do, however, lately I’ve been unable to stay up late. I just fall asleep regardless of whether I’m reading, working, or watching television.

Instead of skipping these posts, I am going to finish them this weekend and post them as if they were published on the appropriate day. I’m bending the rules to my own challenge, but with honesty. This afternoon and evening I wanted to devote some time to finish those posts and catch up with my writing challenge, but all my plans were thrown out the window when I was able to score an appointment to get the first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine. It won’t be until a few weeks after I get the second dose that I will benefit fromt he full effects of the vaccine, and I am aware that there is always still a risk; but feel tremendously better knowing that soon I will have much better layer of protection from this pandemic.