365: Day 304 – In Sapporo…if only.

It was cold and raining, and we even got a bit of hail today. I kept going outside to feel the hail hit me and to touch the accumulating hail. It’s not often you see white stuff accumulating on the ground in Los Angeles, so today was special. It felt like I was somewhere else, but I had no particular place in mind. Later in the day, we got some sushi to bring home, and I imagined myself in snowy Sapporo.

I’ve never been to that part of Japan, but pictures of this region look spectacular. Hopefully, one day I can visit during the winter. I know Sapporo is well known for its beer, but since I’m not a beer person, I had some sake that I bought a few weeks ago. It can seem silly to pretend, even if only to yourself, that you’re in some faraway land, but I find it quite entertaining and relaxing. Perhaps, I’ve been reading too much lately, and everything seems to be a story to me.