365: Day 290 – Streamlining

I feel proud and relieved for my decision yesterday because it was the responsible thing to do: I am no longer taking up a seat on a board that I can’t fully dedicate more time to. This allows me to focus more on other areas of my life. In that spirit of streamlining my life to focus on critical areas, I spent a few minutes decluttering my phone by deleting some of the apps I don’t use. 

I did a little research on the running apps I have on my phone–all of which I’ve used at one point or another. I wanted to see what the verdict was on the different apps to decide which to keep. The consensus I found is that Strava is better suited to more serious athletes and has a strong social component. As a former user of Strava, I enjoyed having a public page showing all your metrics. Run Keeper is another excellent app, and although it’s great for all levels of users, it targets runners who are just starting their journey with features that let you create training plans based on your goals. After my research, I deleted both of these and decided to only use the built-in Apple apps on the phone and the watch. The app integrates flawlessly between the phone and the watch (obviously), so I chose simplicity over robustness. 

Since today was my usual busy Wednesday, I took a break from my daily walks, but I continued keeping track of my metrics and continued logging everything. The metrics I am keeping on a spreadsheet, and my log is on good old-fashioned pen and paper. I’ll share once I have more data points I can analyze.