365: Day 286 – Just a Saturday

The winds have been very strong over the last couple of days. I was thinking how therapeutic is was to feel the chilly wind, the warm sun, and the hearing the wind blows through the trees. Then a couple of small prickly balls fell from the tree I was under and hit me on the head. Shortly after, a small branch came crashing down a few feet away. The therapeautic quality of the lunch at the park was soon forgotten as I started thinking about the safety risk or sitting next to a tall tree bending considerably in the wind.

I keep seeing this chile sauce displayed on the counter from a place we order from often, and today we decided to take one home to try it out. It’s supposed to be quite spicy, so I am bracing myself for the inevitable runny nose, teary eyes, and sweaty head.

Finally, I sneaked in a quick walk before sunset.