365: Day 285 – Walks

I have kept up my daily walks around the neighborhood using the Apple Fitness+ walks except for today: work and a couple of appointments for my dad kept me from walking. I am reasonably impressed with the “Time to Walk” feature on Fitness+. When I saw that they were motivational talks by famous people to accompany your walk, I was hesitant to try it out. I abhor apps that have virtual coaches providing overly enthusiastic motivational cheers. I cringe when I hear them. However, these “Time to Walk” workouts are just personal stories that these people share while on your walk. It is as if you’re taking a stroll with a person and casually getting to know them. I am now tempted to check out the other workouts on the Fitness+ app. I’ll probably start with some yoga.

The above is obviously from the front door of a pet groomer. We were sitting across from this door, and it was amusing to see.