365: Day 283 – Longing for classical performances

Earlier this evening, after watching Huel Howser’s California’s Gold, I sat on the couch trying to work up the energy to do some chores when I heard classical music and saw images of the Hollywood Bowl displayed on the screen. In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl was the show that followed, and Gustavo Dudamel, of course, narrated it. I called my mom so that she could tune into the channel and watch it too. She is the one person I know would enjoy this as much as I. Needless to say; I was bound to the couch with eyes fixated on the screen for the next hour. It was a beautiful program and made my mom and me nostalgic. The first two performances on the program were performances we had attended live in years past.

I continue to check the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Opera websites for updates on when they’ll resume performances. So far, only LA Opera has announced a new season. By September or October, I hope it will be safe enough to resume performances with proper precautions.