365: Day 279 – On the farm

This morning, we ventured out to the farm like we did the week before. It is incredibly satisfying to be outside, seeing where your food comes from and eventually picking the fruits and vegetables you want to bring home with you. Last week we showed up in flip-flops, shorts, and a t-shirt. Not only was it a little chilly for that attire, but it quickly became evident that more stable footing was in order, and some protection from prickly branches was advisable. This week went showed up much better prepared and even brought some tools to pick our fruits and veggies. It is incredibly satisfying to harvest your own produce and then enjoy it at home, knowing exactly where your food came from. I intended to write a much longer post, but our weekends are jam-packed. In the evenings on weekends, I am usually in the mood for a quick post and watching something on Netflix.