365: Day 278 – Videogames, our primitive version of a holodeck

I started playing a video game yesterday called Destiny 2. My nephew and brother-in-law (uncle to my nephew) play the videogame online. I have been curious to try it out partly because it seems exciting and partly because it would be nice to spend time with them virtually. I am just barely getting my bearing around the game, so I haven’t joined them online yet.

I have mentioned before my wish to have holodecks available as we see in Star Trek. As I played the game, I began to regard these video games as the closest thing we have to these virtual worlds. Your screen becomes a portal to this world that exists entirely in cyberspace, where you’re interacting with computer-controlled characters and characters that are the digital version of their human controllers.

On a side note, I wrote the last post and the portion above using my iPad pro (about 4 years old now). While I find that screen far superior to the one on the old Chromebook I am using now, I prefer writing on this older and cheaper machine. I can’t quite seem to put my finger on the reason why. It may just be the novelty of rediscovering an old toy. Still, I suspect it may have to do with the fact that it is relatively limited in its capabilities and therefore doesn’t allow for the distractions I am presented with on either the iPad Pro or the Macbook Pro. Except for my iPhone, I think all of my electronics can be considered ripe for replacement. However, I’m trying to be really good with my money and hold off until absolutely necessary before replacing my existing electronics. When I do finally make the purchase, I will most likely consolidate. I’m thinking of a Macbook Air for portability and affordability. I really don’t need all that processing power of the Macbook Pros, and I don’t find myself using my iPad regularly. I’m really impressed by this Chromebook, but it’s not sufficient for my daily work needs.