365: Day 277 – Guilty of hubris

The construction program I mentioned yesterday had an all-hands meeting today to discuss the year ahead and recognize individuals that have made a notable impact to the program. There were over 200 participants, and I was confident I would be among the select few recognized for their contributions to the program. Disappointingly, I was not among them, and this served as a lesson to me. It’s good to have pride, but we must be careful not to let this turn into hubris. I must take pride in my work and use it to deliver an excellent product, but I cannot let this lead me into believing that I am somehow better than my colleagues. Everyone who knows me will likely tell you that I am a very humble person, so I was a little ashamed today for thinking I was sure to get recognized for my work. I must do good work because it is my duty and not because I expect to be praised.