365: Day 275 – Daydreaming with Maurice

I’ve mentioned a few recent dreams I had lately, and today I will share a daydream. I had to be a little more focused at work, which has prompted me to not play videos in the background and instead listen to the local classical radio station, KUSC (which also happens to be run by my alma mater). Maurice Ravel’s “Une barque sur l’océan” began to play, and my sole focus became the music. In this state of concentration, I am transported to memories and fantasies. In this case, I was in Tokyo simultaneously hearing the music playing as I walked along an elevated walkway to the concert hall where I was playing this piece on the piano. Almost as if I was thinking back to when I was walking to the concert hall while I was playing. The concert hall was dark and empty except for the stage lights illuminating me on the piano. The music flowing through my hands was an expression of the emotion I felt thinking about what had just happened.