365: Day 273 – Dreaming again

I had a long dream last night that was surprisingly detailed. I was at the White House on Obama’s last night as president, and I was just hanging out with him and the family. We were just two good friends with him, reminiscing about the previous 8 years at the White House while we strolled around the grounds and through the house. The funniest part of the night dream was when we walked around the perimeter and came to a gate that appeared to be a sort of service entrance. There was a crowd of people gathered there cheering on Obama. We were still concealed from the crowd behind a wall, and as we approached, Obama said, “Let’s give them a little surprise.” He got some fireworks out of his pocket, lit them, and tossed them in front of the gate. The spectacular pyrotechnics displayed was quickly drowned out by a crowd of people dropping to the ground and running for their lives. We did our best to discreetly walk away so that the group wouldn’t realize who had made the failed attempt at greeting the crowd with an impromptu fireworks display.

It was a nice dream and undoubtedly a result of me reading Obama’s book several weeks ago.