365: Day 272

I am once again writing using my little old Chromebook. I think what I find most enjoyable is that I don’t have any work files or access to all my email accounts from here. So it provides me with a writing space that is far less distracting. I had originally intended on sharing the spreadsheet I made yesterday to calculate how much money I was spending and how much I could save by eliminating unnecessary subscriptions. However, I neglected to take into account that Saturday is the day to stock up on food and catch up on domestic chores that are often neglected during the workweek.

Instead, I wanted to reflect a little on a documentary I watched a little earlier today on Buddha and his teachings. The thing that stood out the most to me was an explanation of the concept of life being a continuum through different phases. Most of us will identify our birthdate as the beginning of our life, but yet for 9 months before this date, our lives had already begun to form. Prior to this, half our chromosomes were created within our mothers and the other half within our father. It’s fascinating to me to think of myself that way. While I may not have existed as Emanual or had any consciousness of what happened before my current life, our evolutionary story is embedded in our DNA and the atoms in our bodies come from stars and other heavenly bodies.