365: Day 266 – Dreaming

I very rarely dream, or at least I wake up with no memory of them. However, the last several days, I’ve been dreaming a lot. I can usually stay up late at night reading my books, but lately, sleep has overcome me quite quickly. Almost as if something is sucking me into a state of sleep. I have done a little research here and there in the past on dreams and even read a book on sleep research done by a neuroscientist. There are some theories on why we dream, but the truth is no one knows for sure. Dreams tend to be fleeting, so I wanted to document them here. I don’t want to dismiss them as random thoughts or assign to them any meaning that may not exist. I simply want to acknowledge them because they are a part of me.

In one dream, I stopped in Ventura on my way back from somewhere. I walked into a massive lobby with tall ceilings. One side was completely open to the outside and was on a cliff overlooking a rocky ocean shoreline. There was no one in the lobby except a strikingly handsome Asian guy. It seemed he worked there, but we never exchanged any words. It was sunset, and the sky was taking on orange and red hues before becoming purple.

In another dream, I was at the top of a hill that I had to walk down to get to the car. I did this once, and the second time I walked down with my mom when she ended up being the driver. We were supposed to wait for my partner, but then she ended up driving off, and the only way to get back was to make a big loop back. We somehow thought we may as well do some shopping while doing our loop. I remember waiting in line at a store and thinking how nice it was that there were no ghetto people around (sounds awful, I know).

The next dream, I was driving on the 10th floor, and next to me was an old friend Amy, and she appeared to be crying in her car. We drove separate ways, and I arrived at the circular driveway in the lobby and left my car for the valet (all of this on the 10th floor of the building). This lobby was also open on one side, and there was lots of sunshine coming in. I left my car for the valet and walked towards the other end when I hear horrible screams and running behind me; I turn to see people scrambling and dropping to the ground. There was an active shooter. I turn to hurry ahead and then see a man holding a machine gun staring back at me and raising his gun in my direction. I rush to hide behind a column as he opens fire. I am unscathed, and he doesn’t pursue. I can’t remember what happened in the moments after. The next memory is of my sitting in the board room I was supposed to be in, and everyone was shaken up.